The Genius in the Child
And the Child in the Genius
Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolferl is an educational program about the life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The program is appropriate for children in grade 3 and up. The name of our program, Wolferl, is taken from the nickname which Mozart's family called him when he was a child. The story takes place in the year 1796 in Schloss Schönbrunn, the Vienese palace of Francis II, Emperor of Austria and of the Holy Roman Empire. It is told by two 18th century musicians, Herr Karl, a violinist, and Donna Maria, a pianist. They have been commanded by the Emperor to prepare a program of all of Mozarts greatest music. They are looking through the scores and manuscripts of his works, playing themes and melodies from many of Mozart's compositions, as they decide what to include in the Emperor's program. Between the musical selections Herr Karl and Donna Maria talk about some of the fascinating people, places, and events that were part of his life, touching on We use a number of techniques to hold the interest of our student audience. We keep both the stories and the musical selections short, and alternate frequently between narrative and music. The two of us take turns speaking, which both sounds more like natural conversation and holds interest. We also have several different forms of audience participation, and some humor as well.

All the music in Wolferl is performed live. We never use Mozart as "background music" during our program.

Looking at the general picture, Wolferl does touch upon a number of subject areas in addition to the primary one of music. In talking about the life of Mozart we talk as well, and quite painlessly, about the 18th century, about European history, and about monarchy and aristocracy. Of course we demonstrate, and talk a bit about, 18th century dress, and social customs.

The program Wolferl takes about an hour, including time for questions and answers.
Feedback about Wolferl has been quite positive.
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Script, musical selection and arrangement by Jerry Yochelson.